My Son in Law Really Helped Me out

My daughter invited me to visit her last month. She married a chiropractor in Phoenix a year ago, and this visit would allow me to meet him for the very first time. They did not have a big wedding, which is why I had not met him before. I also on the other side of the country and have a job that doesn’t let me get away that easily. It was so exciting to see her as a married woman, and she had told me so much about him. I just knew that I would love him. She makes really good decisions in life, so I knew that I would see in person that he is a good guy.

I absolutely adore my son-in-law. We hit it off right away during that trip. He’s so kind to her, and he was the same way with me. Continue reading My Son in Law Really Helped Me out

I Am Still out in San Francisco

I am having a difficult time making my bills out here, but I knew that when I took the job. In fact the guy that recruited me did not have good answers for that when we discussed it. The money they were offering me would have been terrific if you had been living in many areas of the world, but out here it is just not that great of a deal since you have to pay twice what it costs to live elsewhere. I went to see some San Francisco chiropractors the other day and that really is going to pinch my expense money a great deal it would seem. I had no choice about, since I got in the middle of a big mess and hurt my back the other night. I was coming home on the train, or the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and some jerk started some sort of melee. It was over a seat, which was in short supply. The train was packed and when they started pushing one another I ended up going down awkwardly. Continue reading I Am Still out in San Francisco

I Feel Much Better Now

It took a couple of weeks for the doctors to get done with me and after that I had to see a Cumming chiropractor and a physical therapist in Fulton County. It was rather painful doing that at first and he was the one who guessed that I probably needed to go see the chiropractor. Of course when the collision happened it must have scrambled up all of the bones in my back and they needed to be put back to where they were supposed to be relative to each other. At least that is what this guy told me about how he did what he does. I realized after a bit that I probably should have spent a lot more time thinking about which chiropractor I should have selected. The one I chose was just fine and when he finished with me, my back worked the way that it is supposed to work. Continue reading I Feel Much Better Now

This Dentist Understood My Fears

With how afraid I used to be to go to the dentist, you would think that I had a really bad experience with one when I was younger. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have always had good experiences there, but that did not detract from my fear. When I moved to town, I knew that I had to find a Livermore dentist that would be patient with me. It is understandable for a kid to be afraid, but I am 30 years old. That can be harder to explain, or so I thought.

When I called the dentist closest to my house, his office staff scheduled an appointment for me for two months out. That was when I needed to have my six month exam, and those weeks flew by. The closer it came, the more anxious I became. Once I got in there for my exam, the dentist could tell just how nervous I was. Continue reading This Dentist Understood My Fears

My Daughter Was in an Accident

My daughter got her driver’s license a few months ago. She is a great driver, but has already been involved in a pretty bad accident that totaled one of the family cars. That might sound like an oxymoron, but it was not her fault at all. She was stopped on the road, waiting until she could make a left. When she was able to go, someone behind her decided to pass, hitting her right in the driver’s side. Thankfully, the worst to happen to her was taken care of by a Valley Village chiropractor.

She didn’t even think she got hurt at first, but I still insisted that she go to the hospital so she could get completely checked out. She is my only daughter, and I needed this as much for me as I did for her. The ER doctors told me that she would more than likely feel worse before she felt better, and they are the ones who suggested that we visit a chiropractor here in town. Continue reading My Daughter Was in an Accident