My Daughter Was in an Accident

My daughter got her driver’s license a few months ago. She is a great driver, but has already been involved in a pretty bad accident that totaled one of the family cars. That might sound like an oxymoron, but it was not her fault at all. She was stopped on the road, waiting until she could make a left. When she was able to go, someone behind her decided to pass, hitting her right in the driver’s side. Thankfully, the worst to happen to her was taken care of by a Valley Village chiropractor.

She didn’t even think she got hurt at first, but I still insisted that she go to the hospital so she could get completely checked out. She is my only daughter, and I needed this as much for me as I did for her. The ER doctors told me that she would more than likely feel worse before she felt better, and they are the ones who suggested that we visit a chiropractor here in town. Continue reading My Daughter Was in an Accident

I Like the Treatment Better Than Others

My life changed for the worse when I became afflicted with a condition that caused my body to have shooting pains. The pains were so unbearable that I had to go to the hospital the first time I encountered them. At the hospital, they told me about the condition, and that only drug treatment could be used for it, but there was no permanent cure. I asked them if there was any kind of alternative, and they told me that I could get medical marijuana in Marlton NJ and use that to alleviate the pain.

I had never really thought about using marijuana, especially not for medical purposes. One of my friends who is an advocate for the use of marijuana in any situation told me that I should give it a try. Continue reading I Like the Treatment Better Than Others

I Had to Have My Back Worked on

I just got home after my third visit to a San Leandro chiropractor. I think that it is going to be the last one that we have to go through. In fact I have been having a few issues with my back from time to time for years, going back to when I was in a college. I played four years of football at a small college, although I was only the starting safety for a year and a half out of it. I had a knee injury in my senior year that caused me to miss half of the season. At any rate that is in the past, but I have gone to see different chiropractors over the years. The most recent issue came after a league game of basketball. Continue reading I Had to Have My Back Worked on