I Am Still out in San Francisco

I am having a difficult time making my bills out here, but I knew that when I took the job. In fact the guy that recruited me did not have good answers for that when we discussed it. The money they were offering me would have been terrific if you had been living in many areas of the world, but out here it is just not that great of a deal since you have to pay twice what it costs to live elsewhere. I went to see some San Francisco chiropractors the other day and that really is going to pinch my expense money a great deal it would seem. I had no choice about, since I got in the middle of a big mess and hurt my back the other night. I was coming home on the train, or the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and some jerk started some sort of melee. It was over a seat, which was in short supply. The train was packed and when they started pushing one another I ended up going down awkwardly.

Someone else fell into the back of my legs and there is not much that you can do in such an event. You are going to fall down and I did it rather badly. The pain was not so bad at the time, but I could tell that something was not right with me. At any rate the next morning I was incredibly stiff when I tried to get out of the bed and so I figured that there was not much I could do except to go see a chiropractor. That is not a real simple thing to do, because you do not want a buffoon messing around with the bones in your back. You want someone who is good at this.