I Credit These Two Men for Helping Me Feel Good Again

I can credit two Oklahoma City chiropractors with saving my life. Most people might be surprised at this, but it is true when I say it. The issue is that I got into a bad car accident in my twenties, and it causes back problems for me for the next 20 years. I was unable to get away from the pain no matter what I tried. It was only when I went to see these two chiropractors that I started to feel good once again. Not only physically but mentally as well. This is because I am someone who has very severe depression. The pain that I have been going through for so long also cause me to think that maybe I should end my life so that I could try to get away from the pain. I am so glad that I didn’t give up and that I found help in the end.

I have had depression ever since childhood. Many different doctors tried different medications on me, and some of them work and some of them didn’t. My parents did their best for me, but they were so scared for me because they knew that I was suicidal in my teens. They were able to keep it under wraps for a while, but it’s some point most medications that I took wood stop working. Once I had chronic pain and found that it affected my life in too many ways, I became frustrated.

The two different chiropractors that I go see both work in the same practice. Anytime that one is out for the day, I can go see the other one at any time. This is important because I need to remain pain-free. It helps me to live a full life, and I no longer feel suicidal. I don’t have to take any prescriptions for my back anymore, and I don’t even need to take medication for my depression either.