I Feel Much Better Now

It took a couple of weeks for the doctors to get done with me and after that I had to see a Cumming chiropractor and a physical therapist in Fulton County. It was rather painful doing that at first and he was the one who guessed that I probably needed to go see the chiropractor. Of course when the collision happened it must have scrambled up all of the bones in my back and they needed to be put back to where they were supposed to be relative to each other. At least that is what this guy told me about how he did what he does. I realized after a bit that I probably should have spent a lot more time thinking about which chiropractor I should have selected. The one I chose was just fine and when he finished with me, my back worked the way that it is supposed to work. However it is obvious in retrospect that all sorts of bad things could happen if things went bad.

The boss is desperate for me to get well enough to sit behind my desk and catch up on all of the backlog of work that has not been done in my absence. I have been doing as much as I could from off site, but that is not enough to get caught up and no one else can do some of the things that I do. Now they all realize this is a big flaw in the way we are set up and so they want to have me train this girl to do my job. That is not going to be easy, since she is not really very easy to get along with. The woman seems to always want to get involved in a soap opera type drama.