I Had to Have My Back Worked on

I just got home after my third visit to a San Leandro chiropractor. I think that it is going to be the last one that we have to go through. In fact I have been having a few issues with my back from time to time for years, going back to when I was in a college. I played four years of football at a small college, although I was only the starting safety for a year and a half out of it. I had a knee injury in my senior year that caused me to miss half of the season. At any rate that is in the past, but I have gone to see different chiropractors over the years. The most recent issue came after a league game of basketball.

We have a church league just like most towns do and I am the biggest guy on the team I play, so I usually get stuck playing center. That is not really much of a distinction since I do not really play like a center, on offense at least. The other team has a center and I guard him though. This usually is not so big of a deal, but in this case the other team had this enormous guy playing center. He was probably around six foot four inches tall and he weighed about two hundred and seventy pounds I would guess. He was about as quick as you would expect of a person that size, but just as strong and he liked to throw his weight around. I did not even notice it while the game was on, but the next morning it was a big issue. I thought that it was going to take me forever to get up out of the bed, I was so stiff I could hardly move.