I Like the Treatment Better Than Others

My life changed for the worse when I became afflicted with a condition that caused my body to have shooting pains. The pains were so unbearable that I had to go to the hospital the first time I encountered them. At the hospital, they told me about the condition, and that only drug treatment could be used for it, but there was no permanent cure. I asked them if there was any kind of alternative, and they told me that I could get medical marijuana in Marlton NJ and use that to alleviate the pain.

I had never really thought about using marijuana, especially not for medical purposes. One of my friends who is an advocate for the use of marijuana in any situation told me that I should give it a try. He uses it for recreational purposes, and even grows his own, but he likes to keep it a secret, just in case anyone comes snooping around. I would think that he wouldn’t have been told me about it, but I guess he really trusts me with his secret. After the endorsement from my friend, I decided to give the marijuana a try, as I liked the sound of it better than the drug treatments.

Using marijuana for the first time wasn’t something that I was really prepared for, but it was pretty good. The pain that I was dealing with could no longer be felt after I took my first use of the marijuana. Although it wasn’t a permanent cure, it sure felt like one for the time that the effects were going on. I quickly realized how great it actually was and that it should be used by everyone. There are probably many cases where it can be of good use, but it isn’t legal everywhere thanks to politicians.