Maybe I Will Try It

I was given a voucher for Coolsculpting in Austin Texas 78746 as a birthday gift. At first I didn’t want to use the voucher and was thinking about giving it away, but now that I know more about it, I’m actually going to use the voucher. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of having a procedure done that wasn’t a medical necessity. I’ve never really been the kind of person who wants to change parts of their body just because they might find one tiny flaw. It’s the flaws that make us all into unique people with out own personalities.

As I learned more about the procedure, I saw that there was quite a demand for it. Old and young people alike where lining up to have the procedure done, just to make themselves look a little thinner. It was pretty clever to think of using the cold to get rid of fat in the first place. All of the other doctors had been using techniques that simply pull the fat out of the body, which meant that something had to be stuck into the body for the fat to have somewhere to go. I never got liposuction because of how scary it sounded.

I know what everyone has told me to expect once I have gone through the procedure, but I’m still curious as to what exactly I’ll look like. I hope the change isn’t too drastic, or people might not be able to recognize anymore. My face has pretty defined features because of the extra bit of fat that hangs from it. I don’t have the chubbiest face, but I think without the fat, people would be able to tell it’s me. Maybe this is for the best, as I’ll have new people talking to me.