My Daughter Was in an Accident

My daughter got her driver’s license a few months ago. She is a great driver, but has already been involved in a pretty bad accident that totaled one of the family cars. That might sound like an oxymoron, but it was not her fault at all. She was stopped on the road, waiting until she could make a left. When she was able to go, someone behind her decided to pass, hitting her right in the driver’s side. Thankfully, the worst to happen to her was taken care of by a Valley Village chiropractor.

She didn’t even think she got hurt at first, but I still insisted that she go to the hospital so she could get completely checked out. She is my only daughter, and I needed this as much for me as I did for her. The ER doctors told me that she would more than likely feel worse before she felt better, and they are the ones who suggested that we visit a chiropractor here in town. She did not want to go, but by the next morning she was glad that I had made the appointment for her because she was in a lot more pain than she expected to be in.

I am just glad the doctors told me that this would happen. Otherwise, I would have insisted that she go right back to the emergency room. Instead, we went to NoHo Chiro, and the chiropractor there did his own examination of her. He could feel how tense she was in her shoulders, and when he pressed on different parts around her neck, she complained of pain. He explained to her how chiropractic adjustments help in these types of injuries, and then he did one on her. She felt a bit better, and we made an appointment to have her second one done a week later. She is back to her healthy self again, and the best part is she is not afraid to drive!