My Son in Law Really Helped Me out

My daughter invited me to visit her last month. She married a chiropractor in Phoenix a year ago, and this visit would allow me to meet him for the very first time. They did not have a big wedding, which is why I had not met him before. I also on the other side of the country and have a job that doesn’t let me get away that easily. It was so exciting to see her as a married woman, and she had told me so much about him. I just knew that I would love him. She makes really good decisions in life, so I knew that I would see in person that he is a good guy.

I absolutely adore my son-in-law. We hit it off right away during that trip. He’s so kind to her, and he was the same way with me. I enjoyed every bit of the trip up to the moment that I hurt my back. They had taken me out to the desert to give me a tour so that I could see what desert life is like for the very first time. I tripped in the soft sand, then twisted my body to keep from hitting a cactus when I fell. I was in so much pain on the way home in the car. I took a painkiller, but I could tell that I had hurt myself pretty badly.

When we got home that night, I tried to hide how bad I felt. My son in law kept asking me if he could help me, but I kept telling him that I was fine. I knew that he did not believe me, but he was very polite about it. The next day, I told him that the pain was unbearable. He put me into the car right then and took me to his office where he worked on my back. I felt so much relief by the time that he was done! I couldn’t believe it. I have even more respect for him now than I did before!