My Sons Football Injury Caused Back Pain

My son plays football as well as baseball at the high school level. He has been playing for years, and in the past, he has never been seriously injured. Last week while he was at practice, something went wrong and he ended up falling on his back. He was wearing his protective equipment, but he still managed to injure himself. As soon as it happened, his school rushing to the emergency room where he was examined by a doctor. Thankfully, the Doctor said that everything would be okay, and referred us to Cary chiropractors who would be able to provide him with the care that he needed.

I have been to a chiropractor several times, but I didn’t really think about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for sports injury. I quickly learned that many athletes and people who engage in strenuous physical activity consistently visit the chiropractor for adjustments. It doesn’t have to be related to an injury, but just seeing a chiropractor every so often really helps with athletic related strains on the body. In my son’s case, he would be seeing the chiropractor based on his injury, and then perhaps we could transition into a regular care plan based on his needs.

Prior to our appointment, I make sure that my son had all of the necessary x-rays taken, just so that chiropractor would be able to make his own diagnosis and have as much information in front of him as possible. We’ve been trying to reduce swelling as much is possible, but it doesn’t seem to be going down very much. Since this chiropractor has a lot of experience treating sports injuries, I’m confident that he will know exactly what to do and what course of treatment to offer. The doctor at the hospital believe that my son should be able to resume sports relatively quickly, but I really want to hear from the chiropractor and learn more about when he can return to the field.