How Walk-In Care Clinics Help In Emergencies

Illness and injury can happen at any time of the day or night. This is when a patient needs an urgent care facility to help them with any medical problem that has just turned up.

Differences Between an Urgent Care Clinic and Walk-in Care Clinic

An urgent care facility, also known as an immediate care facility, is similar to a hospital emergency room, in which there are both pediatric as well as adult certified doctors and staff on hand, as well as x-ray equipment, IV units, and various other specialty medical equipment which may be needed in an emergency medical situation.

Most clinics are open late into the evening with several locations, so that patients who are far from a local hospital emergency room can find and use an urgent care facility for immediate treatment rather than wait to get to a hospital.

A walk-in clinic is similar, in the sense that a patient does not need a prior appointment. The patient can see the doctor and nursing staff who are on call and working that day.

Doctors at these clinics see patients in emergency situations as well as patients who may look for a second opinion on a previous diagnosis. They may also see a patient who may not be able to see their usual personal care provider at that time.

Practitioners at these clinics are also available to see patients for needs such as sports physicals, flu vaccines, and vaccines that are now required by local school systems prior to or for continued student enrollment. Sometimes these clinics may also suggest a more permanent care provider to patients who may not have one.

Walk-In Clinics for Convenience

Most walk-in clinics have several doctors on staff who also work with local hospitals, which is why they have both pediatricians and adult doctors on staff. Many of these clinics are convenient care clinics, which are necessary when sudden injuries from sports or play occur in children.

Walk-in clinics see patients who may have an emergency care need but who may not be able to get to a hospital in a timely manner before the emergency escalates. These facilities often work in association with a local medical center and the doctors who work here are typically affiliated with local hospitals and emergency rooms.

Urgent Care for Real Emergencies Round-the-clock

Most urgent care facilities have flexible yet constant hours and are open much later in the day than a more traditional walk-in clinic. Many urgent care facilities are better equipped to handle serious medical emergencies that the average walk-in clinic may not experience very often. Some urgent-care facilities are open 24/7, because emergencies happen any and all the time. Urgent care clinics are here for anyone and everyone, and are especially convenient-a literal life-saver-for patients who may live far from a hospital emergency room or medical center.

How To Stay Healthy Without Overshooting Your Budget

The grocery aisle is one of the major pitfalls for many families, especially for those with plenty of mouths to feed and, for someone who loves food like me, the rows of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats is akin to someone who loves shopping for clothes. It is expensive and can run you dry. That said, if you are on a tight budget, then shopping smart is the way to go.

Tips to Tide You Over

One of the best ways to stay healthy and still get what you want is to check for coupons that most stores roll out. You can save from as little as $0.25 to as much as $2 to $3; adding that up, you could be saving as much as $20 from your grocery trip that you can put back to your budget. Some stores have specials or in-store promotions, which can also help you, save up. In one trip, I purchased a total of $250 but since the store had a promo, I also received a one-pound turkey free. If you shop less often, then commit to shop once a month or so and check your local grocer for savings and other promotions.

Another tip would be to grow your own veggies. If you love vegetables and like to use seasonings or herbs, then you would benefit from having your own garden with these lovelies. You do not need a large space to grow them and some plants like herbs can be planted in small pots. A new product is also in the market today, which makes use of a technique where plants are grown in water that is rich in minerals so you might also want to look and try that out. This way, you would be able to grow your own plants and save up on your money. Some plants can be re-grown so it can be much cheaper but still help you stay healthy.

One of the major pitfalls of shopping is doing it on an empty stomach as everything looks good which is the reason some people end up buying items that they would normally not purchase. Everything just looks good when you are hungry; that is why it is important that you eat first before going grocery shopping.

Last but not the least; create a shopping list of what you actually need to be able to distinguish what you want. What you need are basic produce such as rice, meat, veggies and fruits. Wants may include the chocolate that you have eyed for a while. Learn also to compare products as some maybe more expensive than others due to branding and you may be paying more for something that is actually the same produce.

Finding Hope in Heath – Imagination Trumps Willpower

I started with negative thinking at age 13, absolutely sure I would gain weight like my mom. I proceeded to gain forty pounds dieting over a ten-year period, then gave up hope and decided that I’d just love and accept my body the way it was. Motherly and “approachable”. Then I remembered that imagination trumps willpower every time! So I went to work with my mind, imagining my new slim, strong, radiant self, and didn’t worry about dieting. Every time I looked in a mirror, I said to myself, “I look just at least a millionth of an inch thinner today. And I made sure I believed it. I lost the forty pounds, and have kept it off over 25 years! Not only that, I refuse to think “old” and people peg me for 15 – twenty years younger than I am. If I can do this, so can you!

Willpower works maybe one day, max, for most people. Imagination works as long as you use it. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Why? Because with imagination, he was able to not only come up with brilliant answers, he was able to become a well-respected scientist and conquer worlds unknown.

How can you do this, too? Just imagine what you want to look and feel like, then inject some strong, positive emotion into it, which multiplies your success by about 5,000 percent… and yes, that’s been proven. Notice how strongly emotion steers your life? When someone is afraid they will trip, they usually do. You can reverse that by using just positive emotion, replacing the fear with love, gratitude, happiness, which is really a choice. Use your imagination to make a positive difference in your health and well-being while you get on that new program.

Here’s a technique you can try right now and every time you do your exercise or take your supplements: You can say out loud or think to yourself; “I feel so great about myself! I feel like I’m getting thinner/stronger/younger each and every day.” Now say or think something like one of these statements and be sure to feel it in your heart, which is most important, “I feel so happy about this! I’m thrilled with my coming success. I am so grateful for the progress I am making every day.” You decide what you want to be and feel and say about it… and hey, why not add “richer”? Just keepin’ it real.

Rural Health Check-Up Camps in Developing Countries

At the end of every year, several non-governmental organisations set-up multi-disciplinary health camps to offer free medical services in the remote villages of developing nations. To facilitate better treatments, they also provide free lodging facilities for both the beneficiaries and people tending to them in the inaccessible areas. The idea is to make the healthcare facilities available to one and all by increasing its outreach.

There are a number of experienced and reputed medical practitioners who tend to the ailing patients at a free-of-cost health check-up facility. They offer medical diagnosis as well as impart information about different diseases and their treatment options. One such health facility may cover a number of villages at a time. Here, the patients do not just avail medical services but also get surgical operations done.

The Most Common Ailments

The surgery cases registered at rural diagnostic camps in developing nations are generally associated with eye, appendix and hernia problems as they quite common now-a-days. The doctors pay special attention to the gynaecological issues of women. A specialized team of medical practitioners conducts the health examination of all individuals living in the rural areas and offers them medical advice regarding ailments and existing treatment facilities.

What Do Beneficiaries Get Out of It?

The beneficiaries are provided with facilities related to the diagnosis and cure of illnesses both at diagnostic health camps. They do not just include pathological investigations but gynaecological check-ups, ENT treatment, sonography and X-ray and dental and eye care is also provided. The services are inclusive of OPD and distribution of medicines other than surgeries and treatment. The surgical interventions specifically cover minor orthopaedic surgery, gynaecological operations, ENT surgery, cataract surgical procedure, Appendicitis and being operated on hernia.

Importance of Quality Healthcare

These camps are extending beyond just focusing upon the examination and treatment of patients and relying on health awareness and good health seeking behaviour too. Download This is because they believe that it is the only thing that can only contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. In the absence of such quality healthcare in the rural and remote locations of developing countries, setting up a regular camp for it seems to be the most viable option.

Medical guidance is necessary in the areas where hospitals and doctors are scarce as there are many people in the world who die in the need of healthcare services. This also includes the maternal mortality rate with many mothers dying during childbirth making medical supervision important for them. Download Lagu Such women are actually ignorant of their bodies and have little or no knowledge about hygiene. Hence, these camps help doctors investigate the cases and make them informed about the real conditions.