This Dentist Understood My Fears

With how afraid I used to be to go to the dentist, you would think that I had a really bad experience with one when I was younger. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have always had good experiences there, but that did not detract from my fear. When I moved to town, I knew that I had to find a Livermore dentist that would be patient with me. It is understandable for a kid to be afraid, but I am 30 years old. That can be harder to explain, or so I thought.

When I called the dentist closest to my house, his office staff scheduled an appointment for me for two months out. That was when I needed to have my six month exam, and those weeks flew by. The closer it came, the more anxious I became. Once I got in there for my exam, the dentist could tell just how nervous I was. He talked with me about it and put me at ease right away. He explained that he is a sedation dentist, so if I would ever need to have any procedures done, he could sedate me so I would not feel anything at all.

The best part about sedation dentistry is not remembering it either! I did have to have some dental work done about a year later, and I was not even nervous leading up to it because I knew that I would be out before anything even began. I was calm, and it was over before I even knew it. My sister drove me home and stayed with me overnight, and she was really surprised at how easily everything went for me there too. I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist, and it is all because this dentist was so understanding to my needs.